Ra's al Ghul-1
Little is known of the early years of the nearly immortal Ra's Al Ghul, whose name means "the demon's head," but it is accepted that he has lived for many centuries due to Lazurus Pits' mystical and alchemical brews that restore his youth. A brilliant master of strategy and organization, Ra's Al Ghul's goal is to save the Earth from ecological devastation by desrtoying most of its population. He recognizes Batman as both a worthy foe and a possible ally-except that Batman cannot accept his dystopic worldview. Batman also shares a love-hate relastionship with Ra's daughter, the beautiful Talia Al Ghul

Vital Facts

  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Occupation: International Terrorist
  • Base of Opperations: Moblie
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black with grey streaks
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in
  • Weight: 210 lbs


  • Genius intellect and strategist
  • Superior strength and stamina
  • Suberb Hand-to-Hand combatant trained over millennia
  • Nearly immortal thanks to Lazarus Pits
  • Commands a legion of followers dedicated to bringing his vision of an Earthly paradise to fruition
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